Guarantee® fertilizer supplement maximizes beneficial plant active compounds with multiple modes of action that produce consistent, positive results:

  • Increased Crop Yields.
  • More Vigorous Rooting.
  • Superior Stress Tolerance: Heat, Drought, Salinity, and Disease.
  • Improved Health, Appearance, and Color.

Pea Case Study

A pea grower in Canyon County, Idaho found their peas stunted following a pre-emergent treatment for weed control. Per their Crop Advisor’s recommendation, the grower applied Guarantee® mixed with Valley Gro and Valley M3Z as a foliar on May 16, 2019, simultaneously finding “the best addition to [their] pea program in years.”

Upon harvest, the grower found higher yield in their pea fields that were stunted and treated with Guarantee, over fields that were neither stunted, nor treated with Guarantee®.

Potato Case Study #1

After a cold-weather streak in Minidoka County, Idaho, a Crop Advisor was checking their growers’ fields and found two fields, approximately 150 acres, of frost damaged potatoes. The grower was recommended to apply Guarantee® mixed with Valley Ag Micro-Complete as a foliar to rescue the crop (applied June 21, 2019).

The two treated fields stayed healthier longer, even causing the grower to adjust their digging schedule. The grower was extremely pleased with the quality and yield results and plans to incorporate Guarantee® into their potato program this year.

Potato Case Study #2

A Crop Advisor checking fields with a potato grower in Cassia County, Idaho discovered stunted spuds following a pre-emergent application for weed control. The grower applied Guarantee® mixed with Winfield United Voyagro® as a foliar on June 24, 2019.

Fast forward to October, the treated field was the last of the grower’s fields harvested and showed little to no signs of stunting.

Green Bean Case Study

Guarantee® Trial

Crop: Green Beans (variety 5630)

Study Objectives
To compare the overall yield enhancement provided by application of Guarantee® Seaweed Extract compared to a grower standard fertility program.

Location: Willamette Valley, Oregon

Design: Guarantee® was applied three times at 1 quart/acre in a side by side grower cooperative trial. Guarantee® was applied in the furrow at planting, then again via foliar application just prior to bloom. Treated acres were 72 rows on 26” spacing and the field was 1033 feet long.

Grower Standard: 5.9 tons/acre
Grower Standard + Guarantee®: 7.2 tons/acre (+22%)