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Since 2006, Valley Agronomics has been helping farmers and ranchers build their homes and businesses.

Valley Agronomics continues to find new ways to serve its growers by offering new technologies and products that will provide assistance and information on how to increase crop yield. Valley Agronomics continues to lead the industry in technology services.


83 Agronomist
24 Ag Locations
Over 3,500 Farmers Served


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Precision Ag

You'll find that Valley Agronomics is not your typical agronomy company. Our crop advisors are all certified and knowledgeable about our products and services.

Young Corn

Making and Keeping Healthy Crops

Valley Agronomics provides pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, seed and more, that cover all your farming needs.

Industry News

    Put Seed in Its Rightful Place
    Put Seed in Its Rightful Place
    Mar 19, 2019 | Answer Tech
    Every seed in your planter is full of promise. But if you plant it in the wrong place or in the wrong soil type, that seed won’t reach its potential. And neither will your yield.   That’s a lesson the Johnson brothers (Neal, Daryl and Dale), Neal’s son...
    Tech Provides New Perspective on Alfalfa, Soybean Performance
    Tech Provides New Perspective on Alfalfa, Soybean Performance
    Mar 05, 2019 | Answer Tech
    You need to detect in-field problems in a timely manner so you can manage them before they negatively affect your bottom line. There are several technology tools that can help you quickly determine when and where action needs to be taken.   To help you keep tabs on the...
    Use Data to Shape Your Nutrient Strategy
    Use Data to Shape Your Nutrient Strategy
    Feb 19, 2019 | Answer Tech
    As you prep for 2019, it’s easy to remember the one part of the field that did really well last season or the other part that wasdisappointing. We tend to look at the outliers because they stand out. But this doesn’t show the whole picture or indicate what you...

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Valley Ag in the Community

Since 1920 Valley Wide Cooperative has been helping farmers and ranchers build their homes and businesses through dedication and expertise. Valley Wide Cooperative is involved in every community we are a part of, and we are helping to cultivate and strengthen the current and next generation of farmers. Valley Wide Cooperative offers special programs that helps build the communities that we are involved in. Our donations focus on, but are not limited to, organizations relating to agriculture and hunger.



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