Membership & Credit Applications

See full instructions and details for each application below!

Membership Application


Credit Application



You do not have to be a member to buy from Valley Wide Cooperative. There are two types of status’ that can be applied for: Qualifying Patron, and Membership. The benefits of each are as follows:

MemberQualifying Patron
  • Vote for board members
  • Participate in annual meetings
  • Receive annual patronage
  • Receive annual patrongage


Please fill out the credit application linked above and send it back to us using any of the following methods:


Scan a copy and send to:


Send to 2114 North 20th Street Nampa, Idaho 83687


Send to:

Fuel Card Application

What is a Valley Wide Fuel Card?

Valley Wide Coop and Valley Country Stores offer you a convenient, economical, and flexible fuel card program. With our Fleetwide card you will be able to fuel at 50,000+ locations across the nation and have all those transactions bill to your Valley Wide Coop account.