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Making Fall Fumigants Work Harder

Overcoming Soil Moisture Challenges for Effective Pest Control Soil fumigation is a proven practice to control weeds, disease and nematodes prior to fall planting. The challenge? Ensuring adequate soil moisture that fulfill label requirements for fall fumigant application. The solution? Valley Agronomics’s unique WET-TECH product. WET-TECH is Valley Agronomics’ proprietary block polymer surfactant. It was…

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Weed Management in Wheat Farming

Four Products to Increase Your Wheat Yield Why Weed Control Matters Wheat requires careful weed management to ensure optimal yields and top-tiered quality. Effective weed control is crucial for maintaining a healthy and thriving crop. Weeds compete with wheat for essential resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients, leading to reduced crop growth and productivity.…

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Valley Ag Named #1 for Best Ag Consulting in Willamette Valley

Valley Ag Named #1 for Best Ag Consulting Recently Valley Agronomics won gold in Best Ag Consulting by the Best of Willamette Valley. These awards reflect the locals’ opinions in the region, providing valuable insight for companies to gauge their standing from the consumer perspective. Thanks to overwhelming support and votes from our community, this award…

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