Let's kick your farming up a notch.

Precision Ag is our core competency and we’ve just kicked it up for 2020 with the Valley Agronomics Platinum Precision Subscription. This full season program is a comprehensive set of budgeting, scheduling, management and precision features which will make your business more efficient. 

  • One resource to manage all your farming needs
  • More expertise from industry experts right when you need it most
  • Easy-to-use mobile-friendly software
  • Unmatched savings that will make you more profitable

Learn more about the key pieces included in the Platinum Subscription. 

Worker Protection and REI Documentation

Record on farm pesticide or nutrient applications by creating application records and generate reports for posting requirements.
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Planned Financial Reports

Project monthly operating income and expenditures taking into account the potential yield and market price. 
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Create a field by field ROI report that is viewed by acre. Taking into account all aspects of the field, including,  inputs, tillage, irrigation, overhead and more. 
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GAP Reporting

Generate Nutrient and Pesticide reports that can be used in GAP Reporting.
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Application Records

Keeping track of applications by field and application.
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Field by Field ROI

Create a field by field ROI report, by acre. Taking into account all aspects of the field, including,  inputs, tillage, irrigation, overhead and more. 
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Field Forecasting Tool

Simulate your fields daily corn crop growth and development, run scenarios to gauge the effectiveness of your inputs. Determine optimal timing for inputs to maximize your fields corn yield.
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Crop and Season Setting

Learn more about how to set the crop year and season setting. 
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In-Season Imagery

Utilize In-Season Imagery to monitor your fields remotely, find issues and take corrective action.
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Field Monitoring Tool

Track Daily Crop Growth. Compare fields to each other to understand which fields need attention. Compare this year's growth to previous years.
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In-Season Field Level Insights

Determine quickly and easily how much fertilizer has been applied, how much money has been spent, and if there are any restricted entry intervals on a given field.
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Tissue Sampling

Utilize in-season imagery to determine where tissue samples should be taken, record the results digitally and look at trends at the end of the season to evaluate your fertility program.
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Yield Mapping Setup and Retrieval

Leverage the data collection power of your combine by collecting and using Yield Data to drive decisions on a field by field level.
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Storage Tracking

Keep track of your harvested crop in storage with your own easy to use app that's customizable to your requirements.
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Variable Rate Fertility

Put your data to work, along with best in class local agronomy to put the right fertilizer, in the right place, at the right time, and with the right equipment.
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Profit Mapper

Add your cumulative costs from your records to yield map or to a yield potential map to see where in your field you are winning and where you are losing,
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Variable Rate Ridge, Amendment & Lime Applications

Put your data to work, along with best in class local agronomy to manage areas of your fields that underproduce.
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Variable Rate Plant Growth Regulator Application

Put your data to work, along with best in class agronomy and your sprayer to variable rate the ammount of PGR applied to your Grass Seed fields.
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Stand Counts

Check the crop stand of your fields quickly, easily and accurately using drones and artificial intelligence to give your crop the best chance of a record yield.
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If you are interested in learning more about how our Platinum Precision Subscription can work for your operation, we would be happy to talk with you in person. Fill out the details in the form below and we will call you back within 1 business day. We appreciate your business and look forward to discussing how our Precision Subscription gives you access to these powerful precision ag tools in one easy-to-manage package, saving you time and money.

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