Why Subscribe to Valley Ag’s Platinum Precision?

When Valley Agronomics created the Platinum Precision subscription in the fall of 2016 for the crop year 2017, it was in response to a known need to help Co-op patrons and customers cut through the noise that was buzzing in the marketplace surrounding Precision Ag. Valley Agronomics Chief Operating Officer Richard Lloyd reflects on the decision to create a precision offering, “We felt it was important to use the size and scale of Valley Agronomics, along with our innovative agronomists and their local knowledge, to vet and find Ag technology that brought actual value to our customers' operations.” 
With so many ag tech tools on the market, finding pieces that solved actual problems and were valuable to a grower in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, or Washington, was no small task. The Platinum Precision subscription was innovative in several ways; it packaged multiple precision ag offerings together, things such as, farm management software and satellite imagery. These were not commonly done at that time, and at a price that was affordable for operations both big and small--moving away from the traditional per acre price model. It also put a premium on software that allowed the grower and agronomist to interface together, which significantly improved communication.
Reception to the Platinum Precision subscription the first year was excellent, with nearly 200 growers signing up for the new service. In 2017, Valley Agronomics continued to offer its Platinum subscription but introduced more flexibility by allowing growers to trade certain aspects of the offering for options that were more relevant to their needs and operations for the 2018 crop year. Also, in 2018, Valley Agronomics focused on improving service levels and now provides new software as part of the Platinum subscription. Precision Ag Manager Connor Lankford says, “By visiting with Platinum Precision customers; we discovered that it wasn’t enough to supply data and software to our customers, but that we needed to provide expertise on how to use the software to help growers analyze their data and get the full value of the subscription. It was a team effort that involved agronomists, precision specialists, and growers that made a real difference on the farm.
As the 2019 crop season approaches, Valley Agronomics is looking forward to growing Platinum Precision subscriptions as service continues to improve.
“Delivering more value to growers through our commitment to innovation will be a driver for Valley Ag 2019,” states Lankford. “2018 was another great learning year for us technology-wise. We continue to identify the things that matter to growers, things such as, GAP reports, budgets, field-by-field ROI reports, worker protection, restricted entry posting, variable rate PGR, lime applications in Oregon, variable rate fertilizer and soil amendment applications in Idaho and Utah, among other things.”
With that said, “We are excited to introduce several new options to our Platinum 2019 subscription,” explains Lankford. New options in banking, soil moisture monitoring, water stress detection, and corn yield forecasting. These new options will allow us to continue to find and refine solutions that matter to growers, while at the same time allow growers to continue to get what’s important to them that will bring added value to their operation,” concludes Lankford.
The Valley Agronomics 2019 Platinum Precision subscription sign up period is open now. For more information visit here.