Agworld Case Study


Valley Agronomics was looking for a tool that would empower their agronomists to offer better services and outcomes to their grower customers.


Grower, Luke Adams, was looking for a better way to work with his trusted advisor, reduce his risks, and keep accurate records.


Valley Agronomics decided to adopt Agworld as an organization and include the Agworld grower subscription in their Platinum Precision Program for growers. Luke Adams, one of Valley’s growers, decided to adopt Agworld so he would be digitally connected with his agronomist and have a platform for his record keeping needs.


Valley is now leading the field of digital ag services and, as a result of using Agworld, are able to offer a superior package to their growers. Luke Adams is able to work more closely with his agronomist and has cut a lot of paperwork and double-entry of data out of his daily work. He now starts his season well equipped with budgets and plans, and has better insights into his data throughout the season when he needs to make crop management decisions.