Nitrogen is one of the most expensive inputs for crop productivity. Yet, it’s critical for healthy crops. That’s why finding better ways to manage Nitrogen is crucial to your cropping system. SUPERU® is a ready-to-use granular fertilizer that contains both a urease and nitrification inhibitor, providing protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss. SUPERU® offers highly effective above and below ground protection in an efficient, consistent and uniform granule.







How It Works

How does SUPERU® work?

With the unsurpassed productivity and efficiency of SUPERU® premium fertilizer from Koch Agronomic Services, you can protect your nitrogen investment from all three forms of loss — above and below ground. Featuring the highest concentration of nitrogen available in a finished fertilizer, SUPERU® contains both urease and nitrification inhibitors to guard crops from volatilization, denitrification and leaching.

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Precision Ag Technology

Using precision ag technology, we can monitor your crop’s health while in season. In analyzing a crop under pivot and in sandy soil through a heat map, we can identify with the red, yellow and lighter green colors that the crop is facing a stressor, like nitrogen deficiency. Meanwhile, the dark green indicates the expected health a grower wants from their crop.

While the left side of the visual shows significant nitrogen deficiency occurring on the untreated urea, the right side of the visual demonstrates the unsurpassed protection of SUPERU®.

Case Studies

Onion Yield Benefit

The triple protection of SUPERU® fertilizer resulted in higher yield compared to untreated UAN.

Potato Yield Benefit

SUPERU® fertilizer had comparable performance as ammonium sulfate-ammonium nitrate (ASAN) at both nitrogen rates.

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