Adjuvants are Essential

“In today’s economy we can’t afford to waste product, time or money. Adjuvants are essential for achieving optimal control, increased deposition and reducing drift. However, it’s not just about adding an adjuvant to your tank it’s about adding the proper adjuvant for your application.”

~ Tom Sharp
Valley Agronomics
Agronomy Technology Specialist (ID/UT/WY)

The Truth About Adjuvants

Joel Wipperfurth is joined by guest host Jon Zuk on this episode of The Deal with Yield. The two cover the main factors farmers should consider when selecting and using adjuvants, including a review of current ​product testing and best practices for in the tank, in the air and in the plant applications. Plus, Jon teaches us a lesson using spaghetti.

Take 3 Actions to Get the Most From Your Adjuvant

Fog behind your sprayer may be a sign your investment is floating away with the wind. No fog may be problematic as well. Finding the right droplet size is critical for a successful application. If the droplet size is too big your investment may bounce right off its intended target. If the droplet size is too small you may watch the fines drift off target. Take control today and follow these key tips to finding the right balance.