West Side School District Receives $3800 for FFA


Mud Lake, Idaho – Valley Wide Cooperative and Valley Agronomics LLC, donated a check for $618.43 to the Mud Lake fair and rodeo grounds. When the new rodeo facility was built back in 2014 there was no handicap access for individuals that are in wheel chairs, this makes it hard for the fair board of Mud Lake to cater to their needs. The money that was donated will help to purchase concrete that will be used to alter parts of the pavilion ticket booth and other entry ways into the rodeo arena, giving people with wheelchairs special access. “We are excited for this donation given by Valley Wide Cooperative, the money will help us make necessary changes with the growing need for individuals that have wheelchairs,” stated Rodeo Chairman Cheryl Bird. Mud Lake Fair and Rodeo has been serving residents of the Jefferson County for over 66 years and looks forward to serving them well into the future. 

Individuals left to right: 
Evelyn Nelson (Mud Lake Rodeo Treasurer), Shawna Tuckett (Mud Lake Rodeo Building Chairman), Micky White (Mud Lake Rodeo Secretary), Jason Pollard (Director of Marketing Valley Wide Cooperative), Cheryl Bird (Mud Lake Rodeo Chairman), Don Bird (Mud Lake FFA Advisor), and Matt Mecham (Mud Lake Rodeo Board Chairman)