​Valley Agronomics Donates to the Burley FFA


Burley, Idaho – Valley Wide Cooperative and Valley Agronomics LLC donates $600 to the Burley High School FFA group. The money will be used for a trip to Oklahoma to compete for the State of Idaho. The only other group from Idaho that will be participating in the competition is the Rigby High School FFA. The FFA home-site evaluations that are performed on soil determine what it is made up of (sand, clay, etc.), slope of land for drainage, foundation, etc. so they can determine how best to farm it and what kind up supplements or adjustments are needed to be made for crops to be successful. The Burley FFA teachers have a done a fantastic job at teaching the students in order for them to compete at the national level. “As the communities help support the students they are not only making a difference in the students life but helping them to develop qualities that will serve them in their careers.” Stated Jason Pollard Marketing Director for Valley Wide Cooperative. 

Individuals left to right: 
Jason Pollard (Director of Marketing for Valley Wide Coop), Lex Godfrey (FFA group leader), Tom Daniels (Valley Wide Coop Propane Manager in Jerome), Marty Humphries (Valley Wide Coop Fuel and Lubes Director), Tanner Lott (FFA), Craig Wright (FFA), Brock Godfrey (FFA), Melanie Searle (FFA), Aymslee Mathis (FFA),  Mandi Williams (Rupert Valley Country Store Manager), Laura Studer (Rupert Valley Country Store