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Nyssa Fire Department Receives Funds for Much Needed Fireshelters

Sep 22, 2016


Nyssa, Oregon – Valley Wide Cooperative and Valley Agronomics LLC, donated $2160 to the Nyssa Fire Department. The money will be used to purchase personal fire shelters, which are kept in the vehicles. In the event of a fire fighter getting into a bad spot, they can drop everything they have, dig in, and cover up with the shelter. It serves as a protection and helps prevent deaths and burns from fire which would happen without the shelter. Every fire fighter that is hired needs to be equipped with a shelter, but currently they do not have enough.

The shelters are designed to reflect heat while allowing for a breathable air inside. The outer layer is an aluminum foil mixed with silica cloth. The foil helps reflect radiant heat and the silica material slows the transfer of heat to the inside of the shelter. An inner layer of aluminum foil laminated with fiberglass helps prevent heat from staying inside the shelter. When these layers are sewn together, the air gap between them offers further insulation.

All of the fire fighters in the Nyssa Department are volunteers, and they have a total of 20 volunteers. They currently have a command rig and nine trucks, four of which are for rural and five for the city.

Individuals left to right: 
Karen Keller (Administrative Assistant at Valley Agronomics), Bailey Frasch (Customer Service/Cashier at Valley Country Store, and Firefighter for Nyssa Fire Department), Eric Menchaca (Assistant Chief for Nyssa Fire Department), Jason Pollard (Marketing Director at Valley Wide Cooperative), Juan Ramos (Engine Operator for Nyssa Fire Department), Lynne Taylor (Store Manager at Valley Country Store), Kelly Price (Propane Salesman at Valley Wide Cooperative), Shane McConnell (Propane Manager at Valley Wide Cooperative)

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