Valley Agronomics is your number one choice in agronomic services. With over 350 employees working out of 24 locations throughout the states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Utah, we are constantly providing our growers with the information they need to maximize their yields. We also service parts of Wyoming and Nevada, so if you live in either one of those states don't hesitate to call the location nearest you to see if we service your area.

Valley Agronomics continues to find new ways to serve its growers by offering new technologies and products that will provide assistance and information on how to increase crop yield. Valley Agronomics continues to lead the industry in technology services.


Ask the agronomist

At Valley Agronomics we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the access to our knowledgeable, certified Agronomists on staff. They are here to assist you with your agronomic questions, diagnostic needs, and product recommendations. All are trained, knowledgable, and certified to give you the best recommendation possible. Contact us today to get in touch with your local agronomist. 


Valley Agronomics provides a wide variety of seeds including grass, corn, alfalfa, grains, & cover crops. Our plant in Arco, Idaho cleans and treats seed, giving us the ability to contract seed production that is unique to our coop members' needs.

What we really pride ourselves in doing is not just selling you seed but selling you a seed that matches your needs. When our agronomists help you in choosing your seed varieties, besides the quality of the seed genetics, they look at all the factors that will affect the production of that seed: your management style,your soils, fertility, and your water situation.


Crop Nutrition

"Your fertilizer is the same as the other guys, right?", this is a statement that we often hear that just isn't true. At Valley Ag, we bring new and innovative products to our coop members. We were the first to bring in a competively priced nitrogen, phosphate, sulfur, & zinc (NPSZ) product, and this year we are excited to be the first to offer a stable Ammonium Nitrate product, CAN 27.

The innovation doesn't end with our dry products either, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our liquid fertilizers also. Whether it's building our biological package with Pharmgrade, teaming up with Actagro to provide Organic Acid technology, or delaying the tie up of liquid phosphate by adding Magnet. At Valley Ag, we are constantly looking for the next best solution that our coop members are needing.


Adjuvants & Crop Protection


From our relationship with Winfield United, we can offer adjuvants that are far superior to anyone else's. They have an entire team whose only focus is making adjuvants, and making them better. WinField United Product and Market Development Manager, Dr. Eric Spandl, says, “Our Spray Analysis System allows us to capture data more rapidly than other systems, which spurs quicker and more precise product development.” 
If you are ever wondering how effective Winfield United adjuvants are, just ask any applicator that has used "lock" products, what they think about it. Clay from Red Baron Ag says, "We test Winfield United's drift deposition aid products every year, each time Winfield United's 'lock' products are the best out there."

herbicides, insecticides, & fungicides

We have the same approach to pesticides that we have with all our products: provide the best and then look for ways to make them better. We do this in many different ways, with an adjuvant from Winfield United, looking for tank mix partners that will create synergies, or looking for ways to precisely apply the chemical only to portions of the field that need it.

As with everything that we do, coop members purchase pesticides from us because, despite the fact the product may be the same thing as the other guys, they know with Valley Ag we have the tools to help the pesticides perform better than our competitors.


Our people is who we are. Valley Agronomics prides its self on the outstanding team we employ to ensure our business is running effeciently and effectively to meet the needs of our customers every day. Operational excellence, agronomic knowledge, and top of the line service are qualities our entire team embodies.